Welcome to the Home Page of the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition.  Our group is dedicated to preserving the history of Michigan men and women who served their country between 1845 and 1973 who either sent material to or personally passed through Historic Fort Wayne as a place of induction to United States military service.  We are busy helping the Fort’s caretakers, the City of Detroit Recreation Department with this effort in two major ways.  First, we are active in presenting high quality events that provide ways for the public to enjoy Historic Fort Wayne and see glimpses or how it would have looked when it was garrisoned.  We are also very busy in the effort of preserving and restoring as much of the structures and facilities as possible on the Fort grounds. 

We welcome you to our Home Page and invite you in to look around.  Inside you’ll find information about the work we do and the fun we have at one of Michigan’s great historic gems.  If you need more information, please use the Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to help you out.

CWPT Park Day April 5 - ALL invited

For several years now, the HFWC and Historic Fort Wayne have been Michigan's only participant in the Civil War Preservation Trust's (CWPT) Park Day. Park Day is a single day when history fans across the country gather to help clean up Civil War sites for the coming tourist season. Park Day for 2014 is April 5. We need your help! All are welcome, not just HFWC members. Come out from 9am to 4pm (or any time in there you have) and help us get Historic Fort Wayne ready for the season. It's been a hard winter on all of us, and the Fort. We could really use a lot of hand! The CWPT sends us shirts and patches which we will hand out to as many participants as we can. Lunch is on us! Come join us for a great time helping the fort and visiting with history fans from around the area! All are welcome!

THANK YOU U of M Heros!

On March 29, about 1,000 Univeristy of Michigan students travelled to help out across Detroit. It was hosted by their non-profit www.detroitpartnership.org. We at Historic Fort Wayne were proud to host about 100 of the students who spent the day helping us clean up our historic gem after the hard winter and prepare it for the upcoming open season. The 100 students worked around the site with 9 HFWC volunteers, ate lunch in the barracks and each got a tour on the Fort's history. Their concerted efforts have made a huge dent in getting the Fort ready for visitors this season. For that we say a huge THANK YOU and GO BLUE!!!

Work Prep for UofM students

Membership Event page updated

HFWC Members - Want to know when the 2014 work days or meetings are? Go to the membership events page and check it out there.

Welcome 2014!

Happy New Year! 2013 was a very successful year at Historic Fort Wayne. The World War 2 and Civil War events both moved to new dates. Several more Boy Scouts earned their Eagle Scout award in part by completing projects on site to help restore and maintain our historic gem. Civil War Christmas hosted twice as many people as it ever has! We can't wait to see what comes in 2014!

Civil War Christmas - A Huge success!

Each year we have had our Christmas time tours they have grown. This year was no exception. With all but one tour selling past capacity, we had an excellent turnout. Thank you so much to the members and friends of the HFWC who gave of their time to help bring Christmas time in the Civil War era to life for so many guests! We are hearing from people that this is becoming an annual family celebration. We look forward to seeing many of them next year and hope you'll join us too!

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One other way to help us - check in at the Fort on Facebook when you are there. Together we will all spread the word of the great events coming up at Michigan's Historic Gem!

Historic Fort Wayne gets GREAT Press!

Historic Fort Wayne was featured on WDIV's "Uniquely Detroit" on July 21st. It is one of the best job the media has ever done telling the story of the Fort. It was simply and beautifully shot. We are very proud to share this with you! Enjoy the story of Historic Fort Wayne! Thanks to the great work of WDIV staff photographers and editors and our chairman, Tom Berlucchi!

Fort Wayne "Uniquely Detroit" story

Painting of Historic Fort Wayne

Tim Kurtz Print

Local artist Tim Kurtz paints historical art. He has done a painting of the Fort! This is the image. Prints of this work are available every time you see our sales table and will shortly be available on our Store page. You'll also be able shortly to learn more about Tim in the store page. For now, you can visit his homepage by visiting our Links page.


Donate Online - Help the Fort!

We now are able to take financial donation here on-line. We are set up through paypal. All funds raised will be used to support our work to help educate the public about Historic Fort Wayne and to preserve and restore it! Thanks for your donations!

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Overhead of Historic Fort Wayne