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A large part of the help we as the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition give the Fort comes in the form of preservation, restoration and clean-up work.  Any member who wishes to join us is welcome to attend any of our Work Days.  We normally hold work-days once a month, except for December.

We are progressing on various projects to aid in the image and long-term viability of the Fort as a historic gem.  Our projects fall into one of two categories: preservation and restoration or grounds maintenance.

The HFWC currently has two committees, one dedicated to each category, to aid the Executive Board in deciding how to progress on this work.  Any of our projects, whether facility or grounds based, is approved by the appropriate staff member of the Detroit Recreation Department prior to commencement of work.

The Grounds Committee was formed at the June, 2005 general membership meeting.  The grounds commitee is always working to make sure the grounds look as good as possible, both for special events and even for weekly visitors. 

The Projects Committee was also formed in June, 2005. The projects committee is responsible for helping the board put the great ideas of our members into written form and then prioritizing which will be done first.  The projects committee also has helped in finding other organizations to sponsor the cost of materials needed to complete a given project.

All members of the coalition and other guests to the fort are encouraged to make sugestions for work they see needing to be done around the Fort grounds. The Projects and Grounds Committees use forms which are standard between them.

Did you see something we need to do? Great! Not sure how to make it happen? Don't worry. Please let us know what you saw. Download this Idea Submission Form and fill it out. Please be sure to check at the top which committee you think needs to see it. If the work is to be done out on the grounds, trees or fences, send it to the grounds committee. If what you see is part of a building or structure of the Fort, send it to the Projects Committee. After you have filled out the form, drop it off in the library of Building 112 (the Coalition offices) and let Will Eichler know. The committes will take it from there.

Did you see something we need to do? Got an idea how to get it done? Super! Download the Statement of Work, add a materials list to it and drop it off in the library of Building 112. Please let Will Eichler know you did it. The appropriate committee will review your recommendation and follow up with you. Want help with the form? Ask any Projects or Grounds Committee member and we'll be glad to help you.

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