Historic Fort Wayne can only be as pristine, as well as historically and educationally rewarding, as the people who care for it make it. Although the Detroit Parks and Recreation Department continues to do everything in its power to maintain the area for the benefit of the Fort's growing patronage, time and resources from volunteer groups such as the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition are still needed and greatly appreciated. While much of the membership of the Coalition is made up of living history reenactors, many members are not reenactors but instead are ordinary people who have an interest in helping to upkeep The Fort so that it can always serve in its recreational, historical, and educational capacity. As a member of the Coalition, you will be providing this greatly appreciated resource. Your membership dues help to defray costs of Coalition-sponsored events, as well as necessary groundskeeping, maintenance, and administrative supplies that cannot immediately be provided from other sources. Interested Coalition members also participate at monthly and specially scheduled work parties, as well as serve in various capacities during Coalition-sponsored events.

There are five levels of membership in the Coalition. These include Individual ($20.00/year), Family ($35.00/year) and Student ($10.00/year). In addition, there are memberships available for organizations and businesses. Click on the link below to view the membership application form (in PDF format). You can print a copy of the application and send it back to the Coalition along with your membership payment. If you are unable to view and/or print a copy of the application form, please contact us with your address and a copy will be mailed to you.  Thanks for considering the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition.  We look forward to your membership!

New for 2017 - you can join (or renew your membesrhip and pay your dues) online! Click on the dropdown menu below and select the appropriate membership level and pay through paypal.

HFWC Membership

Join the Coalition and help preserve our history. Click for a printable application form. This form is a fillable pdf so you can either type in your information or print it out and fill in by hand.