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light infantry drill 2007

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The Light Infantry drill was a chance for re-enactors from 8 different units across the State and from Canada to come together and work on the basic skills of the infantry.  Held in November, it also served socially as a way to say farwell to comrades-in-arms as winter closed in on Michigan.  It was a very fun weekend.  Officers and enlistedmen alike shouldered muskets to learn drill and worked side-by-side to clear brush to continue the care of Historic Fort Wayne.
Two Squads of instruction
The men seperated into two squads for instruction.
One lead by Will Eichler and the other by Jeremy Bevard
Photo by Mike Gillett
Men at rest
One Squad at In Place Rest.
Photo by Mike Gillett
WillEichler instructing first squad
Will Eichler instructing first squad.
Photo by Mike Gillett
Jeremy Bevard instructing
Jeremy Bevard instructing second squad.
Photo by Mike Gillett
A drummer and his colonel
John Legg and Will Eichler.
Photo by Mike Gillett
Loading while kneeling
Second squad going over loading while kneeling.
Photo by Mike Gillett
Both squads in formation
The two squads together in formation.
Photo by Mike Gillett
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