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Garrison Weekend 2008

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The Garrison Weekend was hosting by members of the Sally Port Mess.  The goal was to have a small, intimate event which was heavy on history.  The impression was a detachment of the 19th Regiment of Infantry, 2nd Battalion Company D in August of 1865.  All of the activities and scenarios throughout the weekend were based on historical research.  The event was greatly enjoyed by all of the participates and was a huge success.

Relaxing in the barracks
Soldiers enjoying quiet time with each other.
Photo by Jeremy Bevard
Cleaning the powder magazine
Cleaning and airing out the powder magazine.
Photo by Tom Steele
Ammo Boxes in the Service Magazine
Ammo boxes stacked in one of the service magazines.
Photo by Jeremy Bevard
Movning ammo boxes
Two men moving an ammo box.
Photo by Tom Steele
Repairing a broken crate
Sean Collicott and Pat Price repairing a broken rifle crate.
Photo by Tom Steele
Develope with bayonet dummies
Jeremy Bevard and Sean Collicott during bayonet drill.
Photo by Tom Steele
Short Trust into a Bayonet Dummy
Chris Suppelsa practicing a short trust into a bayonet dummy.
Photo by Tom Steele
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