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Civil war days 2008

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Civil War Days is one of the major events hosted annually by the HFWC.  It is a re-enactment that we host to bring the life and times of the Civil War to life.  On most weekends, anyone can enter Fort Wayne, walk around and see all the buildings.  However, this event is held to bring the era of the Civil War to life.  Over two days, participants from across Michigan and other Great Lakes states take on the roles of Union soldiers, their Confederate counterparts and the civilians from both sides of this great conflict.  Below are some photos from the 2008 event.  We hope you’ll mark you calendar for the next Civil War Days!  Dates can be found on the events calendar of the website.

The bunk room
The bunk on the second floor of the 1848 barracks.
Photo by Jeremy Bevard
A squad of Soldiers
A squad of Soldiers waiting for action at Historic Fort Wayne's Civil War Days.
Photo by Jeremy Bevard
Soldiers playing checkers
Tom Steele and Guy Purdue playing a serious game of checkers.
Photo by Jeremy Bevard
Motor Gate Entrance
Visitors at the Motor Gate Entrance to the Star Fort.
Photo by Matt Beaudry
Flag and Stone Road
Flag and old stone road inside the Star Fort.
Photo by Matt Beaudry
Blacksmith Shop
Asking questions at the Blacksmiths Shop.
Photo by Matt Beaudry
Saber Practice
Cavalry showing the public how effective a saber can be.
Photo by Matt Beaudry
Carbine Practice
Cavalry doing a demonstration for the public.
Photo by Matt Beaudry
Cavalry Camp
Relaxing in Cavalry camp.
Photo by Matt Beaudry
Church Service
Civilian camp attending the church service.
Photo by Matt Beaudry
Cannon Ready to Fire
Getting ready to fire a cannon.
Photo by Matt Beaudry
Public along Civilian Camp
The crowd gathering before the battle.
Photo by Matt Beaudry
Sally Port
The sally port entrance to the Star Fort.
Photo by Matt Beaudry
Union inside the Fort
Union troops gathering in front of the old barracks.
Photo by Matt Beaudry
Officers Equipment
A table of officers equipment.
Photo by Matt Beaudry
The Start of a Tour
The start of a guided tour.
Photo by Matt Beaudry
Vintage Baseball Game
The vintage baseball game has become a tradition at Civil War Days.
Photo by Matt Beaudry
Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln
Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln out for a walk.
Photo by Matt Beaudry
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