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Civil war days 2006

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Civil War Days is one of the major events hosted annually by the HFWC.  It is a re-enactment that we host to bring the life and times of the Civil War to life.  On most weekends, anyone can enter Fort Wayne, walk around and see all the buildings.  However, this event is held to bring the era of the Civil War to life.  Over two days, participants from across Michigan and other Great Lakes states take on the roles of Union soldiers, their Confederate counterparts and the civilians from both sides of this great conflict.  Below are some photos from the 2006 event.  We hope you’ll mark you calendar for the next Civil War Days!  Dates can be found on the events calendar of the website.
Civilians playing checkers.
Two civilian reeanctors playing checkers.
Photo by Roger Howland
1860's baseball
Eclipse Base Ball Club of Northville playing a game of 1860's baseball.
Talking with the public inside the barracks.
Will Eicher talking to the public inside the barracks.
Photo by Roger Howland
Two soldiers eating dinner.
Scott and Clay Cummings eating dinner inside the barracks.
Photo by Roger Howland.
Bunks inside the barracks.
Rory Jones relaxing inside the barracks.
Photo by Roger Howland.
Talking with Boy Scouts.
Tom Burlucchi talking with a group of Boy Scouts.
Photo by Matt Beaudry.
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