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Christmas at the Fort 2008

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Christmas at the Fort is a guided tour through many of the time periods that Historic Fort Wayne was active. Each era offering a unique and authentic look into Christmas traditions of the past.

1860's Household
A look into the past of a 19th century home during Christmas time.
Photo by Jeremy Bevard
The Public Visiting a 1860's Household
A tour group enjoying the 19th century warmth of home.
Photo by Jeremy Bevard

Spanish American War Display
A soldier explains his Christmas experiences during the Spanish American War.
Photo by Jeremy Bevard

WWII Display
A WWII soldier teaches a young recruit how to use a field phone.
Photo by Jeremy Bevard
WWI Soldier Talking with a Tour Group
This tour group is listening to the stories of a WWI doughboy.
Photo by Jeremy Bevard
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