The Federal Battalion Drill was held in 2007 before the Fort opened to the public for the summer.  It was a chance for re-enactors from across Michigan and Canada to come together and work on the skills of the infantry that they would need for re-enactments in the upcoming summer.  It is a very unique chance to do this in that they train in an actual 1860’s star fort that men during the Civil War did exactly that – train for combat.  Now that the Fort is open year round, you’ll be able to visit and see this training each year.  The name of this event has been changed to the Combined Arms Drill.  It now features cavalry and artillery as well as infantry.  Dates can be found on the event calendar page on this site.

Barracks in the Morning

View of the limestone 1848 barracks on a clear April morning.

Battalion at Drill
Colonel Eichler instructing the men on proper battalion drill.

49th New York at the back gate.
49th New York men standing at the back gate of the star fort.

Flage flying high over the fort walls
View of the flag flying high over the Postern Exit.