On March 29, about 1,000 Univeristy of Michigan students travelled to help out across Detroit. It was hosted by their non-profit www.detroitpartnership.org. We at Historic Fort Wayne were proud to host about 100 of the students who spent the day helping us clean up our historic gem after the hard winter and prepare it for the upcoming open season. The 100 students worked around the site with 9 HFWC volunteers, ate lunch in the barracks and each got a tour on the Fort's history. Their concerted efforts have made a huge dent in getting the Fort ready for visitors this season. For that we say a huge THANK YOU and GO BLUE!!!


Work Prep

A group of U of M students get briefed on their work for the day.

Photo by Dave Jamroz

Looking over

HFWC members and Chairman Tom Berlucchi look over an upper wall.

Photo by Dave Jamroz

Lunch Break

Hard work makes for good appetites! The old mess rooms of the 1848 barracks again served as a place to have lunch during the work day.

Photo by Dave Jamroz

HFWC volunteers

HFWC members volunteered to help guide the U of M students through the work to be done.

Photo by Dave Jamroz

Tour group

No trip to help the Fort is complete without learning a little about the Fort. Author Dave Jamroz takes time to give a tour of the Fort to part of our U of M heros.

Photo courtesy Dave Jamroz