In March 2013, students from the University of Michigan participated in their Detroit Partnership day. One of the places they helped was Historic Fort Wayne. Hosted by members of the HFWC, the students helped clear brush and prepare the moat around the star fort and the 5th point for visitors this season. Their hard work will make the Fort a more beautiful place and better represent the military post that it was to our guests this year. Thanks so much to all who particiapted!


On the 5th point

Students help clear brush from the remaining brick structure of the fort's 5th point.

Photo by Dave Jamroz

Moat work

The moat receives help by having brush cleared.

Photo by Dave Jamroz

moat 2

In the foreground is a before. Where the students work is what the place look like after their work - a better representation of a US military fort

Photo by Dave Jamroz


There is always time for a group photo with the old Fort. We love seeing smiles all round!

Photo by Dave Jamroz


HFWC mebers helped organized and facilitate the work. L-R - Joe Rebandt, Ron Vilag, Bonnie Trottier and Samantha Rebandt.

Photo by Dave Jamroz

truck back

A break with friends mean a good laugh and chance to renew strength. L-R - Ron Vilag, Bonnie Trottier, Gary Jackson and Blaine Valintine.

Photo by Dave Jamroz