The spring 2013 Flea Market was held April 13-14. It was a great success as the "coming out" event for much hard work repainting and adding window treatments to the Visitor's Center gym! Much work has gone into the entire Visitor's Center by HFWC members and we are thrilled to show it off. The Fort also came to life as Living Historians trained as the men of the Civil War era did right here.



Members we ready, despite the chilly weather, to guide guests to the Visitor's Center.

Photo by Dave Jamroz

Hi angle

Overview of the Spring Flea Market in the newly repainted Visitor's Center gym.

Photo by Stephanie Hartman

wide shot

Guests found a room full of items to view and buy!

Photo by Stepanie Hartman


Meanwhile, the Star Fort, featuring several newly replaced windows in the barracks, came to life with Civil War Soldiers.

Photo by Ian Kushnir

4th MI

It was a weekend of training for them. For the public, it was life to the old Fort.

Photo by Ian Kushnir


The Fort took on some of her old duties. Captain Breckenridge came out to administer the oath of re-enlistment to one member of his company who is also a Living Historian.

Photo by Dave Jamroz

HFWC Booth

Volunteers welcomed guests not only to the site but the the HFWC's own table. Smiles are all around as members had a greaet time together!

Photo by Dave Jamroz


That holds true inside and out. On a chilly day, there's nothing better than a hot cup of coffee fresh off a good campfire and friends to tell stories with.

Photo by Dave Jamroz


This one is in the history books. Don't worry - the fall Flea market will be here soon!

Photo by Stephanie Hartman